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The Modern Dating Ventroom

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The Modern Dating Ventroom is a one page landing page that satirized the typical journey of online dating. It is a personal project that won 6 international design awards in 2018. The page showcases highly interactive design and animation components. The page is designed to be encourage user participation by including a submit function in each section that constantly stays visible.


The page includes highly interactive elements and a lot of animations. Development budget is small and timeline for award submission was extremely tight.


I hired two separate developers from who have top reviews to complete this project. One developer specializes in animation and he completed the “pulsing heart” animation in the header beautifully. The second developer is skilled in overall development and was able to deliver the highly interactive page in a short timeframe. The page was designed with a sleek and modern look in mind. The goal is to make users laugh and reflect on their own dating experience while encouraging them to submit screenshots of their own.


The landing page was very well received by juries at numerous international awards. It won 6 awards in total. The site also has great mobile experience that allows users to view and submit on the go.