Research Web Page Design: Gender Balance

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The J.P. Morgan research team produced a lengthy report regarding gender balance in the workplace. The length of the report and the amount of charts require an effective visual treatment that keeps users engaged while including the most important content in the report. The page was designed with rich animations that aimed to represent the content and data in a dynamic way.


Like all research report, one of the biggest challenges of this report is the lengthy content and number of charts. In order to make it more interesting for the readers, I arranged the content with a zig zag layout that has been proven to increase user’s attention. Creating a header graphic that is both representative of different genders but also does not exclusive gender minorities is a big challenge.


An abstract mosaic image that animates in on launch is created to make sure that it is reflective of the gender topic without being too detailed. The zig zag layout was highly praised and bounce rate of this page is significantly than other pages. The page garnered plenty of press attentions and stakeholders from the research team were satisfied with the results.