Technology Spotlight

Landing Page Design

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“Tech at Our Firm” landing page is designed to house all of J.P. Morgan’s latest tech content while doubling as an events recap page. The page is designed with a modern look in mind utilizing the J.P. Morgan Brand’s brightest color palettes. The page attracted high volume of visitors and outperformed any other similar pages that are currently on J.P. Morgan’s website.


The page needs to act both as an informational page that directs visitors to the mini homepages of each tech divisions while also being flexible enough to accommodate tech event contents. The two sections need to flow seamlessly together.


Three gradient color schemes are developed to be used throughout the entire page to maintain a unified and “glowing” look that aligns with the modern and techy style that is desired. A “zig zag” content layout is used to make the reading experience easier for users by breaking down reading fatigue. Customized icons are designed for each tech divisions. They not only act as menu icons and content images but also doubled as backgrounds to house video contents for that section (an infinitely pulsing play button is adding to each sections with video contents).


The page was extremely well received by both internal and external audiences. It received one of the highest page views and unique visitors among all pages on Stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome of the page because it acts as a hub that brings in new visitors for each individual tech pages.

During event seasons, the page also received a high amount of traffic from streaming sites and social media.