FindSpark Success: 5 Inspiring Creatives Who Achieved Their Goals

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It’s been a great year! We couldn’t be happier that we got to spend 2014 helping you achieve your goals. Whether we’re introducing you to new connections at events or teaching you how to write the perfect cover letter that leads to your dream job, we’re here to help you succeed.

Stella Guan
Graphic Designer, Advantages
Connect with Stella: LinkedIn / Twitter

I can’t thank FindSpark enough for organizing all the amazing events that helped me navigate through the stressful post-grad job hunting process.

This summer, FindSpark helped me stay on the right track during a very stressful career change. In June, a month after I finished my program in Computer Graphics at Pratt Institute, I landed an internship with a marketing agency in TriBeCa. Then in September, another month after I finished my internship, I landed a full-time job as a graphic designer at a boutique design agency. I continue to attend FindSpark events to learn and network with like-minded creatives.

Joel Hernandez
Talent Acquisition Junior Analyst, Warner Music Group

I currently am working at Warner Music Group, which I was referred by my mentor, who I met at the FindSpark conference!

I attended the Find & Follow Your Passion Conference back in late April of this year in order to make valuable and professional connections. This was my first networking event and it turned out to be much different than what I had anticipated. It was nothing like your typical “career fair” and it was nothing short of awesomeness! I met someone who eventually became my mentor, made tons of valuable connections which then paved a way to potential internship and employment opportunities.

Mariel Rothman
Social Media Fellow, MapQuest / AOL

I attended the FindSpark Opportunity Mixer in the summer of 2013. At the time, I was interning in NYC at a large beauty company. I ended up meeting a College Recruiter from AOL. We discovered that we had a mutual contact, chatted and exchanged contact information.

Since I was really interested in working for AOL in the future, I stayed connected to the college recruiter throughout my senior year of college. She was helpful during my job search, answering my follow-up e-mails and providing career advice. In the end, my persistence helped me to land a Social Media Fellowship at AOL for the summer of 2014. I am still in touch with the recruiter today. I learned so much from my AOL Fellowship and I made a lot of great connections throughout the company.

Tiffany Chiao
Operations Assistant, HBO

The FindSpark conference was the perfect networking opportunity that I had been waiting for. I’ve earned my degree in teaching, but my true passion lies in entertainment with marketing/public relations in music/film/TV.

I met a recruiter from HBO at the event. After the conference, I followed up with a thank you email. She replied that she had an opening and asked if I was interested. Of course I was! However, the position had been quickly filled. A few weeks later, she called me. It turns out the position had opened up again and she asked me to go in for an interview. I was nervous, but I had done my research and preparation so I was 500% ready. Four days later I received a call that I had been offered the position! I am beyond excited to begin my new journey at HBO.

Monique Sterling
Freelance Designer, SkilledUp
Connect with Monique: LinkedIn

Back in October, when I had just about given up on finding a job, I saw a posting on FindSpark about a paid Design Intern position at SkilledUp. I was excited to apply because I knew I’d be a great fit, but figured that I must be doing something wrong because I wasn’t receiving any responses to my applications.

So I took a week to “fix” my online presence: my website, Behance portfolio, and made a few adjustments to my resume. After I was sure that everything was up-to-date and final, I sent in my application and by the end of the week, I received an email for a phone interview. Two weeks after the interview, I began working as a Full-time Freelance Graphic Designer at SkilledUp!

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