Hi, I'm Stella

I love designing beautiful things and teaching people about it. I also love helping out businesses that share my value of care, authenticity and my mission to spread happiness around the world. 


Once, there was this kid...

Who was born in a small town in Southern China to a mechanical engineer father and an archivist mother. Sometime between 1990-1995, she developed an obsession of doodling by vandalizing all the books in her grandfather’s study. At age 17, she decided to move to America by herself and found the name “Stella” in a dictionary (yes the paper one). 


The small town girl took the midnight flight...

Across the Pacific Ocean for the first time and landed in Philadelphia 16 hours after taking off from Hong Kong. She got the ultimate American welcome – by being pulled over by the cops only 20 minutes later because her driver ran a red light with an expired license. In the City of Brotherly Love, she worked hard towards her dream of becoming a television producer while successfully avoiding being mugged 4 years in a row. However, her TV fantasy was shattered shortly after she graduated magna cum laude from La Salle University. The reality of the industry became clear after her initial job experience. So now what? (And if you didn’t like her Journey lyrics reference, she said her Open Arms are not for you. )


Then it dawned on her...

That while she clearly sucked at writing, having failed at spitting out 5,000 words a day at her TV job, maybe she’s good at something else. Meanwhile, those poor books she destroyed previously in her life came back to haunt her dreams, where she discovered her love of design. A year of school at Pratt Institute and a couple of jobs all over town in New York later, she started to collect some accolades for her work. 

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Blogs and News

While she doesn’t particularly care what others think of her, she thinks you should have all the information available to make your own judgment.

Stella detailed her experience of what it takes to get approved for an EB1 green card.

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FindSpark features 20 Asian influencers and thought leaders. 

Stella Guan is scheduled to speak at NAAAP’s National Leadership Convention in Kansas City, MO.

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What ThingsWeCare, creative agency founded by Stella, can do for your business

Web Design

Establish or transform the online presence of your growing business with the right kind of professional touch

UI/UX Design

Need beautiful and user-centric design for your mobile app? Our expert-lead team of UI/UX designers can help


A brand is worth a thousand words - or millions of dollars. That's the money your business will make with make with our help

WordPress Development

Let us help you build your website on the world's most reliable, flexible and scalable platform - WordPress.

Landing Page Design

Product, sales or event marketing doesn't need to be hard. You take care of the logistics. We take care of the design and marketing.

Online Course Design

We are an agency with deep roots in creative education. Let us help you build an online course site that attracts the right learners.

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