is an award-winning



She is an award-winning visual designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries. She has held leading design positions at marketing agencies, advertising agencies, technology companies and global financial services firms.

Stella is a winner of the A’ Design Award, American Web Design Award, CSS Design Awards, Summit Creative Awards, Davey Award and W3 Award.

Stella is a judge at Stevie Award, OMMA Award, Creativity International Award, Communicator Award, C2A Award, among others. 

Stella is a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and the International Association of Designers. 





Stella Guan is the Founder and CEO of Path Unbound. In 2018, she received approval of the EB1 green card for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability. After her article detailing the experience received wide publicity, she was inspired to found Path Unbound, a company that provides international creative professionals with career advancement advice and immigration resources. Path Unbound’s mission is to help immigrant artists advance their careers and change the stereotype of the “starving artists” by providing business training to creatives.



Stella Guan is an active public speaker frequently invited to give her insights on design and creativity at international conferences. Her most recent talks include Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)’s first annual in-house design conference in Canada and National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)’s national leadership convention in Kansas City. 

Stella is a dynamic public speaker. She uses research citations, analysis, industry expert quotes, case studies, pop culture references, humor and multimedia elements to enrich her presentation and connect with the audience. 

Topics that Stella often speaks about include UI/UX design, web design, creativity,  entrepreneurship and immigration experience.




Stella Guan is a passionate design educator with a wealth of experience in instructing adult learners. She has taught design courses at global educational institutions such as General Assembly. She was also an instructor helping employees at global technology companies learn design fundamentals.

Stella was a Mentor Coach at America Needs You, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing career training to first-generation college students. She is passionate about teaching and coaching as a way to pay it forward for the generous guidance from others she has received over the years.