Technology Spotlight

Web Design

Live Site

This page used gradient overlays to create a fresh and modern look and feel. The gradient colors are within J.P. Morgan’s secondary color palettes and was a recent addition into the brand guideline as part of my push to modernize the visual design of the brand.

Zig Zag Layout

Due to the length of the content, I opted for a zig zag layout to reduce visual fatigue and make the content easier to read.

Curved Menu Navigation

I experimented with a bold design – curved menu with icons as navigations. It worked well to add innovative elements to the page while serving the purpose of navigating users to different sections of the page.

Creative Usage of Icons

Icons are no longer restricted to small areas – they are used as large illustrations and embedded behind play buttons as background imagery!

Social Integration

The first section was a media center of live streams that were broadcasted during the Tech Spotlight Week at J.P. Morgan. Social sharing and viewing function was incorporated and they remained on the page for viewers to share after the events ended.