Moving Image Meets Pixels

Stella Guan is a multimedia designer and video producer dedicated to creating
compelling designs with her love of arranging pixels and visual storytelling.


A Glimpse Through the Lens

Started her career in television production, Stella Guan is a video editor, motion graphics artist and multimedia designer who creates compelling designs with her love of arranging pixels and skills in visual storytelling. With multidisciplinary skills in responsive web design, print, branding and logo design, motion graphics animation and video editing, Stella keeps her creative juice flowing by engaging herself with projects that call for out-of-the box thinking and creative execution. 

A design is never finished. It is always a work in progress.

Minimalism in design uses the least amount of elements to tell the most complicated stories.

The Pixels

Brand Identities, Logo Design, Infographics, Marketing Design, Web Design, UI/UX

Moving Image

Motion Graphics, Video Interviews, Documentary, Narrative Films, Corporate Promotion Videos